# Quick Start

The client can contact the TripLink business team to begin the business onboarding process. We will create the TripLink test account for you after the business onboarding process.

TripLink provides both Web portal and API. You can experience the TripLink product with the test account, or access the API directly based on your business scenario.

# Preparation

If your company want to access the API, please fill in TripLink Onboarding Form and send to TripLink tech team (The highlighted fields are required).

TripLink tech team will complete the test env setup within 1 business day. Below are the description of each fields in Onboarding Form:

1 Customer ID

Provided by TripLink, the unique identifier of your company.

2 Customer AES key

Provided by your company, used for data encryption and decryption, 128 bits (Base64 encoded).

TEST and PROD: must use different AES keys, can be generated at AES key generator (opens new window).

3 Customer RSA public key

Provided by your company, TripLink uses it to verify your request signature, 2048 bits (Base64 encoded).

TEST and PROD: must use different RSA public keys, can be generated at RSA key pair generator (opens new window).

4 TripLink RSA public key

Provided by TripLink, your company uses it to verify our response signature, 2048 bits (Base64 encoded).

TEST: MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAzGuvnpECqBJlD2Rk8eQ3BiNJn6TglMxC+BIzj7g2xOBF1wrn7vDgO40uNwF42SSDbQ2eb9lOyslhFlNZFeasCwKFLQ/uo0HY2vFlFBb49362OL1aYIf3hCgL7J2+4U6vUlrZkm0HWSZm5KMT/Y39hjTPSvaTQQPYBFgbderPIw1CS7hQpOh6MMp6XqdzPEdKWZ431A60wYV89BAd5n5hrlAWXeWsnzsO9FK1AHnDhH8FGkIsxYaZsVAAHwWIk1WLnKTWLLJSJjH+0qG7LwWcnlZDe22xza+LzszgyBcQ3f2jio1KD+xpXGN+qqa9jjuwFUx3qcdURRS53j1qRVhuFwIDAQAB

PROD: MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAyKVF9vPwaYQBxaXSlennNssTK8w3pM04Ytim8zAKSrLKWHPsmVVxcZc23A3MQUSCifr6vtLCygujbxb/macskWSJZXTtcL1Cqu1dgUtAEOA9MUTLr1qlrOwFHF91ZvGLxgHafsSwcmiHY/fPTpquZax7VvCPGT3rpU4q9UqtvMhl3dsxDaseI2H6aNKjv6SO4/kO2s+dUFVQONiSncWcWv2gvKpDWL4fhNFvS2Px7HewbUsKcZbAhC2SIuU3QUNTVcX7uaZNasqmCnAjxAMMPawlW3GXj2wVX2pOIFhWx6rOcy+QTVkNLa7Eok9KpEmOdaJ9skMbnaoQ35QaWyLk5QIDAQAB

5 Customer server IP (Optional)

If your company's server has fixed public IP, TripLink can add it to the IP whitelist to increase security.

TripLink fixed public IP:

环境 IP
(domestic) ~ (, 256 IP) ~ (, 256 IP) ~ (, 256 IP) ~ ( , 256 IP)
(overseas) ~ (, 32 IP) ~ (, 64 IP) ~ ( 8 IP) ~ (10 IP)
(domestic & overseas)

6 Callback Service (Optional)

If your company needs authorization notification and authorization decision, please contact TripLink tech team.

7 Report Service (Optional)

If your company want to receive the TripLink report through SFTP, TripLink will provide you the login certificate.

The unencrypted file only contains masked card number. If you need 16 digits card number, please provide 4096 bits PGP public key for file encryption, can be generated at RSA key pair generator (opens new window).

# How to use

You can develop based on our SDK, or based on our API document. Currently we have Java and PHP SDK, other language support is on the way.

# Testing

After completing above 2 steps, you can start testing. TripLink provides a Merchant self-service testing platform, you can mock various types of operation. Please check Testing to use our testing platform.

# Production Release

TripLink will work with you to check the log during testing. Once there is no issue, TripLink will create the merchant account, open and configure the network access in production environment. You can start the production release once you received your merchant configuration.